Tickets for this year’s Little Gidding Pilgrimage on 14 May and the T S Eliot Festival on 10 July are now available.

The Pilgrimage returns this year after a two-year absence, and the Revd Malcolm Guite will lead us on the walk from Leighton Bromswold to Little Gidding. The Pilgrimage is a free event, and for more information, and how to buy tickets for lunch and tea or just to let us know you are planning to come (to help us with the logistics), see the Pilgrimage page.

The Eliot Festival is also back, celebrating the centenary of of the publication of The Waste Land, with Simon Callow reading that poem as well as Little Gidding, and other speakers and features. Tickets are £45 for the day, including lunch and tea (£35 for members of the Friends of Little Gidding — contact us for details). See the Festival page for details and to purchase tickets.

Tickets for Pilgrimage and Eliot Festival now available