Pilgrimage 2014

Pilgrimage 2014

The weather failed to dampen a great day on Saturday at this year’s Little Gidding Pilgrimage. We are delighted to be able to share the addresses or sermons preached by Pilgrimage leader Malcolm Guite at the two main services at Leighton Bromswold in the morning and Little Gidding in the afternoon.

Bishop of Ely’s Pilgrimage Sermon

Stephen Conway, the Bishop of Ely, and President of the Friends of Little Gidding was leader of this year’s Pilgrimage on 19 May, preaching at the morning Eucharist at Leighton Bromswold, giving reflections at the the five stations on the Pilgrimage Walk, and preaching again at Evensong at Little Gidding. Follow the link to read the sermon he preached to an overflowing church at Evensong.

Little Gidding Pilgrimage : story and pictures

Saturday’s Pilgrimage was a wonderful occasion. We were blessed with an inspiring set of addresses by Bishop Stephen that wove together the various strands of the lives of the Ferrars, as well as the relevance of George Herbert and T S Eliot, and delivered a message for today. I hope we will be able to publish this in a future Newsletter. We enjoyed warm hospitality at Leighton Bromswold and at Ferrar House, and great company from the near-100 pilgrims. And it did not rain! Frank Burns has written about the day in his blog Serendipities of Life, which includes a few pictures of the day. Frank’s photos, together with more by Paul Skirrow, can also be seen on Facebook. Our thanks to Bishop Stephen, and to everyone who contrubuted to the day!