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what is it?

A walk through the Huntingdonshire countryside from George Herbert’s church at Leighton Bromswold to Nicholas Ferrar’s tomb at Little Gidding.

who’s leading it?

The Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely, and also the President of the Friends of Little Gidding.

Bishop Stephen will preach at the morning Eucharist at Leighton Bromswold, give short addresses at the five stations between Leighton Bromswold and Little Gidding, and preach at Evensong at Little Gidding, taking as his theme “Rhythms of the Holy Life”.

why Little Gidding?

Little Gidding was made famous in the twentieth century when it gave its name to T S Eliot’s last great poem. But even before Eliot it was renowned as the home and burial place of Nicholas Ferrar.

who was Nicholas Ferrar?

Born in London in 1592, Nicholas Ferrar gave up a life in commerce and politics to move to Little Gidding, establishing a life of prayer and charitable works with his family. Ordained deacon, he was fore­most in the life of prayer, study, and work, setting an example of devotion and spiritual life that has stood as a beacon to those who have followed. He died on 4 December 1637, and his devout life and example have consecrated Little Gidding as a holy place to this day.

when is it?

Saturday 12 May, beginning at 10.30 am at Leighton Bromswold church. The Pilgrimage finishes at Little Gidding after Evensong with Tea at about 5.30 pm. See below for more details.

what else?

Lunch will be available at Leighton Bromswold and Tea at Little Gidding. Places can be reserved and meals booked and paid for

Cars can be left at Leighton Bromswold; we will co-ordinate lifts back at the end of the Pilgrimage. Leighton Bromswold is just north of the A14 a few miles west of Huntingdon and the junction with the A1. See map below.

what are the costs?

Attendance at the Pilgrimage is entirely free, and all are welcome.

Lunch at Leighton Bromswold and Tea at Little Gidding are available, and we invite a contribution of £12 per person which enables us to cover the costs of Lunch and Tea and some of the other expenses of the day itself. It is helpful for us to know numbers in advance: please use the
online booking system
to tell us you are planning to come, and, if desired, to pay for Lunch and Tea. Pilgrims are also invited to make a donation which will be shared between Leighton Bromswold Church and Little Gidding Church; donations can be made at the collections at the two services, or may be conveniently made in advance via the online booking system.

where is the Pilgrimage?

The Pilgrimage begins at Leighton Bromswold, which is just north of Junction 17 of the A14 between Kettering and Huntingdon. Satnav users: enter PE28 5AX.

All are welcome at the Pilgrimage. It will greatly help if you are able to let us know you are coming and how many are in your group by using the online booking system.

10.30 am: Pilgrimage Communion
at Leighton Bromswold Church

whose restoration was funded by George Herbert and directed by the Ferrars.

12 noon: Lunch
Enjoy lunch with fellow pilgrims
(lunch tickets available, or bring your own).

1 pm: First Station
at Leighton Bromswold

The Pilgrimage Walk begins from the Hundred Stone outside Leighton Bromswold churchyard.

2 pm: Second Station at Salome Wood
2.15 pm: Pilgrimage Walk continues.

2.45 pm: Third Station at Hamerton
3 pm: Pilgrimage Walk continues, cutting across the meadow to Steeple Gidding.

3.45 pm: Fourth Station
at Steeple Gidding Church

4.00 pm: Pilgrimage Walk continues to Little Gidding.

4.15 pm: Fifth Station
at the Tomb of Nicholas Ferrar

All gather around the tomb of Nicholas Ferrar. Followed by …

Pilgrimage Evensong
at Little Gidding Church

5.30 pm: Tea at Ferrar House

The walk from Leighton Bromswold to Little Gidding is about five miles, mostly along the country roads. Sturdy shoes are recommended. If sunny, don’t forget to bring hats and water. Drinks and toilets available at Hamerton. It will be possible to join in along the route, particularly at the Stations, where there will be a pause and a short act of worship and commemoration. Timing of intermediate Stations approximate.
We will co-ordinate drivers’ return to Leighton Bromswold.

Reserving your place

To let us know you are intending to come, and to book Lunch and/or Tea, please make a reservation below. To pay online select the “Start your payment” option by setting the quantity to “1”. You can then click “Order now” to add meals and a donation to the two churches. No payment will be taken until you have completed your order. Payment will be made securely via Eventbrite. You can also use this to reserve a place (which of course is free).

A leaflet about this year’s Pilgrimage is available here. Online reservation and payment is most convenient for us, but the leaflet contains a form that can be printed, completed by hand, and posted back to us.

If you have been on the Pilgrimage before then you will know that it is a blend of spiritual themes along with a walk through the delightful Huntingdonshire countryside, conversation and food with friends old and new, and a chance to explore some beautiful and historic churches. There will be transport for those unable to walk some or all of the route between the churches. If you’ve not been before then then you’ll certainly be warmly welcomed. Come with your friends.

We look forward to seeing you on the Saturday 12 May at Leighton Bromswold.

Little Gidding Pilgrimage 2018