“If you came this way …” TS Eliot at Little Gidding: Sunday 8 July

An inspirational day of talks, readings, and discussions near the pig-sty, the dull façade, and the tombstone, with Seamus Perry, George Szirtes, the Revd Richard Coles, Ronald Schuchard, George Blagden.

  • George Szirtes, winner of the 2005 TS Eliot Prize, will read and discuss a selection of Eliot‘s poems, and take questions from the audience.
  • Seamus Perry, Oxford Professor of English Literature, will deliver the Eliot Society lecture on “Auden, Eliot, and the voices of Christianity”.
  • The Reverend Richard Coles, priest, broadcaster and former pop star, in conversation with biographer Adam Begley, will discuss religion in Eliot‘s poetry, with specific reference to “Little Gidding”.
  • Ronald Schuchard, Goodrich C White Professor of English Emeritus at Emory University, will give an update on recent Eliot publications.
  • An annual tradition continues: “My Favourite Eliot” with contributions from the audience.
  • The programme concludes with a reading of “Little Gidding” by actor George Blagden, well-known for playing Louis XIV in Versailles.

Featuring talks and poetry, conversation and debate, lovely food and music, the T S Eliot Festival is a delightful celebration of Eliot and of Little Gidding, and a chance to meet other Eliot enthusiasts, and friends old and new.

The Festival takes place in the garden of Ferrar House at Little Gidding. In addition to the programme of Eliot-related events, morning coffee, a two-course buffet lunch, and afternoon tea will be served.

All refreshment are included in the ticket price £40. (For members of the T S Eliot Society and the Friends of Little Gidding, tickets are £30; for students, £20.)


All-day Ticket: £40 (including all refreshments)

Members of the TS Eliot Society and the Friends of Little Gidding: £30

Students: £20

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Eliot Festival 2018