Little Gidding Church is currently undergoing extensive roof repair work. Scaffolding went up in March with the intention of finishing work by the late summer, but almost as soon as it was up, work had to cease. Now work has resumed. These pictures show the scaffolding being erected in March (2020), and then the church swathed in polythene (outside and in) while the roof tiles are removed and faulty ones replaced with Collyweston tiles.

Although the scaffolding grew higher than shown here, one roofer said they were used to working on London skyscrapers, so this was not so much of a challenge. The roofers appreciated the tranquil setting away from the bustling City. A conservation inspection had previously taken place to check the bats were roosting elsewhere. A suitably-sized bird box will house the visiting barn owl nearby.

The next phase will be to restore the bell. The refurbished gold inscription above the door shimmers beautifully, waiting for the bell’s return.

Picture credit: Mark Holman

Roof repairs at Little Gidding Church