Advance notice of 2017 events. For a list of dates on which events are planned, please follow the link.

Events Calendar 2017

Although not all details are finalized, the following are the main events currently planned for 2017.

Saturday 20 May Annual Little Gidding Pilgrimage
beginning at 10.30am at Leighton Bromswold
Sunday 9 July Annual T S Eliot Festival
Saturday 2 September Quiet Day
organized by the Friends
Saturday 2 December Nicholas Ferrar Day
Annual commemoration of Nicholas Ferrar followed by the AGM of the Friends
Second Fridays The Eucharist is celebrated at Little Gidding Church at 12 noon on the second Friday each month
2017 dates are: 13 January, 10 February, 10 March, 14 April, 12 May, 9 June, 14 July, 11 August, 8 September, 13 October, 10 November, 8 December.
(Dates corrected 11 February 2017)
Fifth Sundays The Eucharist is celebrated at Little Gidding Church at 11am when there is a fifth Sunday in the month
2017 dates are: 29 January, 30 April, 30 July, 29 October and 31 December
Events Calendar 2017