As part of the BBC’s Poetry Season. on Saturday 6 June BBC 2 will show an Arena documentary on the life of T S Eliot, including a section filmed in the snow at Little Gidding in February. Another programme about Eliot will also be shown on Friday 5 June. For more details, follow the link.

Eliot documentary on BBC 2

A BBC film crew came to Little Gidding in the snow this February to film a segment for an Arena programme on T S Eliot.

The programme is now scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday 6 June at 9.45pm on BBC 2.

Arena contributes to BBC Two’s Poetry Season with a profile of TS Eliot which, with unprecedented co-operation from the Eliot Estate, tells the story of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated and elusive writers.

The BBC website has a further article about Eliot with footage of the writer reading a section form ‘Little Gidding’ (the section beginning ‘The dove descending’).

A related article was published in The Observer on Sunday 24 May: The remarkable tale of T S Eliot’s late love affair.

In addition, the previous day, Friday 5 June at 9pm, BBC 2 will broadcast “My Life in Verse: Robert Webb” which is described as:

Actor and writer Robert Webb explores the reasons why The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliot captured his imagination as a young child. He returns to Lincolnshire where he first heard it and follows the poet’s footsteps from Paris to his resting place in East Coker. He also meets Clive James, Don Paterson and Andrew Motion, who offer their perspectives on why Eliot’s works still remain popular.

Eliot documentary on BBC 2