PayPal fees and Buyer Protection

Many people use PayPal to make commercial payments, for example, if they are buying things. When doing this it is a good idea to protect the payment so that if something goes wrong with the purchase PayPal will guarantee to refund your money, regardless of whether the seller wants to do so. Sellers pay a fee out of every payment to them to fund this.

However, if you trust the account you are sending money to, for example if you know the account-holder personally, you can waive this protection and no fee is deducted by PayPal: all the money that you send is transferred, at no cost to you or the other account.

If you trust the Friends of Little Gidding, we invite you to make payments to us as “friends and family”, waiving PayPal’s “buyer protection”. This emphatically does not mean that you won’t get your money back if you or we have to cancel; it means that you trust us to do it. By waiving your protection, 100% of your payment reaches us. If a fee is deducted then on average some 5% of your payment goes to PayPal.

We fully understand that you may want the safety of “buyer protection”, and if so, then just select the default option of “for goods and services”. But if you are prepared to put your trust in us then please select “for friends and family”.

Thank you!