Welcome to the website of the Friends of Little Gidding.

The Friends, first founded over 70 years ago, exist to help maintain the beauty and spirituality of Little Gidding Church and its surroundings, and to remember the life and example of Nicholas Ferrar and his family. The Friends also celebrate the connection between Little Gidding and the poet T S Eliot.

On these pages you can read about the work of the Friends, and a little about Nicholas Ferrar, who lived at Little Gidding in the 17th century and is the reason for Little Gidding’s fame, and T S Eliot who visited in the 1930s and was inspired to write his famous poem ‘Little Gidding’, the climax of his Four Quartets, and the highpoint of his later poetry. You will also find news about the Friends and about events we organize, including the annual Pilgrimage and the annual Eliot Festival.

We hope that you will consider supporting the work of the Friends, perhaps becoming a member.

For further information about the Friends please contact us.