The Officers and Committee

The Society is run by the Officers and Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in early December.

The following are the currently-elected Officers and Committee (elected December 2016):

  • Simon Kershaw (Chairman)
  • Mark Holman (Secretary)
  • Nigel Seaman (Treasurer*)
  • Tim Alban-Jones
  • Joy Farey-Wood
  • Judith Hodgson
  • Richard Scott
  • Sally Seaman (Membership Secretary)
  • Susan Waters
  • Michael Keck (nominated by the Giddings PCC)
* Nigel Seaman was co-opted to the Committee and appointed as Treasurer in January 2017. Peter Powell, elected Treasurer at the AGM, had announced at the AGM that he would stand down as soon as a successor was appointed.